Thursday, June 01, 2006

BAND OF THE WEEK: The Spinto Band

So last year, I was majorly addicted to "the" bands - The Killers, The Thrills, The Strokes, The Bravery, The Postal Service, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Bloc Party, The Maximo Park, The Franz Ferdinand, The Modest Mouse, The Hot Hot Heat, The Louis XIV - if it started with "the" or sounded like some other band that started with "the," I was "the"-re. But at some point, all the irony starts to get to you and you just don't feel like dancing to four dudes in suits and skinny ties anymore. Then THE SPINTO BAND comes along and makes me fall in love all over again. With decidedly lo-fi feel, simple guitar riffs, fun synth beats and tunes with literal titles like "Japan is an Island." and "I Saw the Spider," The Spinto Band is pretty hard to resist. Plus, their infectious single, "Oh, Mandy" proves once and for all that Barry Manilow hasn't cornered the market on Mandy songs. See for yourself next Friday at the Bowery Ballroom - I'd be there, but of course I'm going to see BLONDIE and THE NEW CARS that night. "The" bands are fun, but a girl still has to have her priorities.


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