Thursday, June 29, 2006


Definitely the best TV band since THE MONKEES (or THE PARTRIDGE FAM for that matter), HEP ALIEN rocks THE GILMORE GIRLS and STARS HOLLOW on a weekly (okay, more like monthy) basis. The band was the brain child of drummer LANE KIM (KEIKO AGENA) and then boyfriend DAVE RYGALSKI (ADAM EFFIN BRODY) who played lead guitar. Bass player BRIAN (JOHN CABRERA) and rhythm guitar player ZACK (TODD LOWE) were also along for the ride. When Dave went off to college in California (aka when Adam Brody got a nice gig on the OC), they replaced lead guitar with GIL (SEBASTIAN EFFIN BACH) and Hep Alien really started getting off the ground. Plus Lane and Zack got together and Zack started really focusing on his songwriting - although most of the songs were just chick's names. They're always the go-to band when your rec hall needs to have some good clean fun or if your husband was just voted mayor and he wants his favorite song - The Theme from GREATEST AMERICAN HERO - to be played. But the band has a new hit - START A COMMOTION - and it could be the crossover TV to MP3 hit we've all been looking for!


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